my morning routine:

  • wake up 
  1. flawless

i really hope brandon is all warm and comfy right now bc im freezing


This sign is in my doctors office above the scale and I really love it. It actually made me feel a lot better after reading it


Please don’t read my mind…

geologicalchimichangas asked:
Multiples of 3!

thank you bb ♡

3: Do you smoke?

6: Age you get mistaken for
something around 15 and 20

9: Got any piercings?

12: Relationship status
single as fuck

15: Favorite movie
fight club or (500) days of summer i really cant choose

18: Most traumatic experience
when my dog died on a car crash…..

21: What I love most about myself
my smile and my lashes i guess

24: My relationship with my parent(s)

27: A description of the girl/boy I like
well he is tall dark haired and sings on a band

30: What I hate the most about work/school
ONLY LEARNING WHAT THEY WANT US TO AND TEst are so stressful jesus

33: What words make me feel the best about myself

36: Where I would like to live
i love brazil but i would love living in london or argentina

39: My favorite ice cream flavor
something between cookies and cream and cookie dough

42: The last thing I ate
soup bc im sick

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Two takes on the sheet music Brandon Flowers tweeted yesterday have surfaced.  The first one can be heard above and comes from this Dropbox account.

The second take comes from this NoteFlight account.

As has been pointed out by numerous Victims who have listened to these two takes, the sheet music appears to be for a backing track or a component of the chorus for ‘Desired Effect’.

Unfortunately, I was unable to trace these two takes back to their original uploaders.  If you are responsible for the creation of either of these two takes and would like me to credit you, please let me know.

Taken from this thread on Sweet Talk.


KIDS REACT TO existentialism and the inevitability of death


Jason and Olivia at the Global Citizen Festival last year.


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The Killers | Change Your Mind


Gemini is inquisitive when it comes to other people. They always want to know people’s life stories and what is going on in people’s heads. However, while Gemini understand how others mentally work, they can have a difficult time understanding what people emotionally feel. 

me in life


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This man is smiling because he’s just cooked a 96.2% pure batch of crystal meth for Don Eladio. (in make up, Breaking Bad behind the scenes, Salud S4E10)