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"It’s about the last days of disco, how AIDS brought it crashing down," says Brandon. "I was born in 1981, so I don’t remember it. There was some cheesy music, but I think a lot of good things then, especially bands like The Cure, intertwined dance with rock."

In the Killers’ tune New York girl Natalie parties hard, catches HIV from a dirty needle and dies.

"I guess it’s the tragedy that draws us to this subject matter," says Brandon. "It makes for a good song, a different song."


So one time, one of my guy friends said, “I’m pretty sure I’m straight but I’ve never slept with a man so how do I know for sure if I’m not bisexual or gay” and so he actually went and picked up a guy, had sex with him and after ward he said, “Well that was fun but I appear to be straight.” and just went on with his life without making a big deal about his dip into homosexuality and really, I think everybody should be this relaxed about sexualities

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today i was making a fucking hard math test for which i havent studied and i almost had a breakdown and tomorrow i have another and so on until friday hahahaha nice 


imagine brandon flowers with his cute fluffy hair wearing sweatpants and a tight black t shirt so you can see his wonderful arms just like cuddling you really tightly



brothers birthday ☺️

you’re gorgeous smh

how lovely <3333


Emma Watson


i saw the killers in concert and i still don’t believe they’re real

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It’s cynical
Call me useless; just you wait
Put me down and call it fate
Broken bridges, wasted hate
So just stand beside your man
The boy ain’t wrong
Act like I never turned you on
All I do is cry

One of my favorites forever


Marilyn photographed by Milton Greene, 1956.

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Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell rehearsing on the set of ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’, 1953.

i miss my hair like a lot